Bits&Pieces from a life’s journey

A non-linear excursion

A Highlight:

Pilgrimage to Connemara

“To this day, I remember it as the finest voice I ever heard, reading or talking . . . He spoke always like a man revealing something.” — Ben Hecht

Sandburg’s genius was in his sense of connection with “the people,” whom he celebrated in his poems.

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Chicago Poems Sandburg cropped


An Experience:

Seeing the Wizard of Oz

About the Wizard of Oz

  1. The Tin Man’s oil was actually chocolate syrup
  2. Margaret Hamilton’s green make up could not be ingested so she survived entirely on liquids during filming
  3. The Ruby Slippers were a size 5
  4. The Cowardly Lion’s costume weighed around 100 pounds
  5. The Tornado in the film was actually a 35 foot long muslin stocking spun around with dust and dirt
  6. The Wicked Witch’s death certificate is dated May 6, 1938, the 20th anniversary of L. Frank Baum’s death

“Words make you think thoughts, music makes you feel a feeling, but a song makes you feel a thought.” — Yip Harburg, Over The Rainbow lyricist


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