About this site

This site is dedicated to advancing the art and science of communications. This site will not tell you how to blog, but you will be a better blogger for reading this blog. This site will not instruct you how to delivery a public address, but your public presentations will be better received by reading posts here presented.

The blogosphere is awash in sites that deal with the technical aspects of media and message transmission, but nary has a place existed on the web for explication of the principles and pillars on which effective communication is and should be based. This blog will try to fill that void by sharing expertise, experience, and the lightheartedness necessary to point the way. As legions of “new communicators” join seasoned ones, the communications paradigm has shifted. Or has it? This is the ultimate quest undertaken in this blog. To analyze and hopefully articulate not perhaps the final answer, but at least to start to ask the right questions.

 About Howard R. Debs

 Howard R. Debs has been in the communications field for some 50 plus years including a stint with what in its area of activity at the time was the 5th ranked Public Relations and Advertising concern in the U.S. His work has resulted in 6 AANY Awards (Advertising Association of New York), 2 PIA Awards (Printing Institute of America) and a Distinguished Achievement Award from the Educational Press Association of America. His considerable public contributions have been nationally recognized by, among others, AHEAD (Association for Higher Education and Disability), and ASCA (American School Counselor Association). He resides in Palm Beach Gardens Florida with his wife Sheila, an educator and former national award winning magazine editor, where they spend considerable time spoiling their four grandchildren.  

About the header (masthead) design


For those interested in such things,  the header is designed around a stylized version of a soundtrack as it would appear on a movie or video editing system. The intent is to graphically symbolize a form of communication. The original photo used to create this effect is a scenic view of a mountain range, which on its own symbolizes the verities, the rock – literally and figuratively – upon which effective communication should be built; in the final version therefore, the mountains are still in the “background” so to speak, standing firm, and of long standing. The original photo was then cropped to show the mountain range in the desired proportions, and then digitally altered to resemble the image of a soundtrack.


Here is the original unaltered photo


Here is a screenshot of a typical soundtrack


Here is the digitally altered and re-sized photo

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