1. Strictly Opinion Posts:  Usually on this site I have limited my offerings to what I construe as literary commentary (a form of creative nonfiction), that is, explanatory essays,  short analytic, interpretative writing using literary prose style, on particular themes and subjects germane to this blog’s area of interest, namely communication issues. I differentiate this from opinion, as being in this case a statement of  judgment based on expertise and experience. I do not ordinarily provide what I will call hard news and information, except as news per se becomes the basis for the commentary in which I engage. I wisely let those better able to deal with reportage assume this task. Regular posts on this blog involve extended research, original source information is pursued and corraborated, facts and evidence verified. Now I want to introduce a new series of posts to the blog – Strictly Opinion, posts that are just that, position statements made from a personal perspective and viewpoint,  and in the interest of  full disclosure and transparency, a term now frequently applied to media, and new media particularly, I will be identifying all related posts as such. The bullhorn icon on a post identifies that post as a Strictly Opinion Post

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