Aaron Brown is back

I am ecstatic. I have just realized that Aaron Brown will be back hosting the PBS “Wide Angle” series starting in July! Wait, let me calm myself, take a deep breath and then I’ll explain why I am so thrilled to be the bearer of this good news. (taking breath…).

OK, first of all here’s some important background. In a nutshell, Aaron Brown, for whom an argument can be made that he compares favorably with such master communicators in broadcasting (each in their respective specialties mind you) as Walter Winchell, Edward R. Murrow, and Walter Cronkite, anchored CNN’s primetime news show and will always be remembered for his 9/11 coverage.

There are a number of versions of the CNN story I grant. However, to make a long story short, my assessment was and remains that the format and the anchor were thought to be to un-hip for the audience CNN was going after (read younger). So he was summarily dismissed. Subsequently, Arizona State University’s Cronkite School of Journalism (named so in honor of Walter Cronkite) decided Brown was good enough to become the inaugural Walter Cronkite Professor of Journalism at the school. At the time Cronkite, who had gone after Brown for the position, stated that “His passion for our profession and his commitment to its highest standards of objectivity and fairness has been the hallmark of his work, and will be a source of great inspiration for our students.”

Enter PBS, with the foresight to recognize a professional when they see and hear one.  “Wide Angle” was started in 2001 and PBS considers it “the only program exclusively dedicated to international current affairs documentaries.” Anyway they tapped Brown for the hosting assignment last April, so this will be his second season with the program.

Aaron Brown is a model for what makes a noted communicator, which is why I call him to your attention. His background, his public demeanor, his presentation skills, all are exemplary in this regard. But you can see for yourself. Watch the series to air starting in July, Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on most PBS stations. In the meantime, watch and listen to a brief Brown video promo for the series and I think you’ll be convinced as am I that this is no ordinary broadcast journalist. http://www.pbs.org/wnet/wideangle/about-the-series/introduction/31/wnet/wideangle/episodes/conversations-with-aaron-brown/introducing-wide-angle-host-aaron-brown/1808/


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  1. You are correct. Aaron Brown is not an ordinary broadcast journalist. In a nutshell, Aaron knows his stuff. I watched every episode of Wide Angle last season. They were not only interesting but educational. If his faithful viewers can’t have NewsNight, we can have Wide Angle. Welcome back Aaron!

    read the C&C response to this comment below:

    • Dear Lisa,

      Thank you for stopping by communicatorsandcommunications.com, I hope you found the ideas presented of value and I look forward to your visiting again. I appreciated your comment about the post “Aaron Brown is back”; what I particularly am trying to point up in the post is Aaron Brown’s acumen as a professional communicator, to identify him as an example to emulate of someone who has the presentation skills associated with effective communication. Not that very many will achieve his level of excellence, but just by studying his approach, as communicators we can perhaps improve our own “delivery” just a bit.

      Howard R. Debs
      Communicators & Communications

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