High praise

Well done!

Ben Banyard

When people ask me what I write about, I struggle to think of a good answer. ‘Life’, I usually reply, uselessly.

Thankfully, I won’t have that trouble any more. Last week I received the most wonderful email from my friend, fellow poet Steve Xerri. He isn’t on social media, so our correspondence is as good old-fashioned pen pals, rather than clicking ‘Like’ on pictures of one another’s dinner.

Steve’s kindly given me permission to publish the majority of his email. He recently bought a copy of We Are All Lucky and clearly enjoyed it!

“The things your reviews have picked up on – the humanity of the work, the careful attention you pay to the everyday and the ‘ordinary’ (showing how it’s really anything but) – are definitely there, and in spades. Poems such as Something In Common deal with the grand themes (in that case sustained love) but…

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